Monday, January 17, 2011

Felt Flower Tutorial

I love big flowers for embellishing most anything and everything!  With winter here, I wanted felt flowers instead of the silk flowers I've been using.  I searched the internet and kind of combined some ideas from some of the flowers I saw.  This is what I came up with (some pictures are of my red flower and some are of the purple.)

Here's what you will need.
1 sheet of felt
1 large button
complementary colored yarn or embroidery floss
hot glue gun
hair clip
lapel pin

First I cut five petals about 3 inches in length.  (This is done completely free hand.  Don't sweat the shape too much.  It will look good, I promise.)  Then do five petals around 2 1/2 inches and five around 2 inches.  The red flower I made with a bit of a pointy petal.  This gives a poinsettia look.

To give it some "oomph" I decided to sew a seam along the back.  It gives a little more depth.  Just fold them in half and line them up on the sewing machine and do one after the other then cut them apart.

Next, cut a circle from the felt to use as base for the flower.  Start gluing the 3 inch petals around the outside.  Then glue the 2 1/2 inch petals and finally the 2 inch petals.

Finish off with a button laced with yarn or embroidery floss hot glued to the middle.

Flip over to the back and use a scrap piece of felt to attach the clip and pin with hot glue.

Your flower is finished!  I hope you get as much mileage out of your flowers as I already have from mine!

One way I use mine is on my favorite knit beanie!

And as a lapel pin to dress up my jean jacket!

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  1. This is SO cute!! For what it's worth, I have never seen one like this one :) I love how you sewed the middle of each petal, giving them a bit of depth. Super cute!

  2. I like! Well done! Thanks for sharing ... I'll be linking.