Sunday, October 16, 2011

My latest projects

I don't know about you, but I can't have just one project going at a time.  Kinda goes back to the ADOSD (Attention Defecit, Ooh, Shiny Disorder!).  I start something, then start something else...then start something else.  You get the picture.  The good news is, I can put out lots of finished products at once!

So here are some of the things I have finished.

I'll start with my favorite.
I found this beauty on Craig's List.  It used to be in a hotel.  Solid as a rock!  I knew I wanted to try out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on this.  Love that stuff!  I'm definitely a dedicated user now  It makes distressing a breeze!  The paint is expensive but well worth it, in my humble opinion.  Still trying to convince hubby to let me buy the high dollar wax brush!  The blue drawer was kind of an after thought but I love it!  This is for sale in my Etsy shop.

I also finally got a few things (that I already had made) staged to list in my shop.
I was taking pictures of my word signs to put in my shop when Ruby found her way into the picture (she may have had some help).  This isn't the best pic of the signs but it sure is a great pic of my boy and his chicken!

I collected these signs from the Hobby Lobby clearance rack and thrift stores and decided to cover them in scrapbook paper and antique the edges with ink and add a ribbon.  I just laid the letters down on top of the paper, traced it with a pencil and cut them out using scissors and Xacto knife.  Next I glued them on using Mod Podge.  Super simple!

Here's my recent obsession...pallet shelves!  I'd been kicking around this idea for some time in my head when a pallet was left at the dumpster of my church and I texted my hubby to have him bring the truck and we loaded it up.
I now have 3 of these shelves (one sold last week) and a good half dozen more pallets.  This one is being used as decor on the back fence by my patio.
Here is another side of the ever versatile pallet shelf!  This one is on the kitchen counter holding cook books and such.
This one is being used as a hanging book shelf.
And how about this cutie?!  I call her the "little sister" of the pallet shelf.  She's about half the size and perfect for a desk top or hanging in a small space.  This was the idea of a friend of mine who loved to pallet shelf but needed one about half the size...genius!

And I hate to admit, but I have about half a dozen more pallets waiting for me in my backyard!  I told you I was obsessed!

So that's what's finished.  And as always, there are more projects in different stages of completion in the garage!   I'll post as I complete!


  1. Ok, dying over the pallet shelves, oh my how cute! Love how you used it in the kitchen to hold cookbooks and oils, etc.

    My husband would freak if he saw your chicken. He would kill to have a few of those beauties in our backyard. Too bad its against our neighborhood policy! I'm kinda glad though. It would me one more creature for me to take care of! Ha


  2. Love the pallet shelves. We have broken pallets all the time in our I know what could be done with them. We've been putting them in the dumpster!

  3. I so want to try my hand at the pallet shelf, but want someone else to bring me the pallet :) They won't fit in my little car :(