Sunday, November 14, 2010

Home for the Holidays, Part Deux

Well, it's time for more "Home for the Holidays" tablescapes!  Let's get right to it, shall we?

This says it all, don't ya think?

This table was done by Ernestine L.  I love the height of her centerpiece.  I never know how to use these tall, skinny vases.  I'm afraid to "get big" at the top the way Ernestine did here.  Maybe I will call my Grandma and tell her I want that vase after all! ;)

 Aren't these place cards sweet?  I'm "nuts" about them! :)

Can I just tell you how much I love the rhinestones in these pumpkins?  I never would have thought to do that!  And with the mirror and the many candles this center piece really sparkles when the lights go down!

Sweet simplicity would accurately describe this place setting.  And the contrast of it against the "bling" pumpkins...very nice!

This lovely tablescape was done by Harriett B and Patti W.  You could use this on an entry way table also.

This centerpiece has so many fun things tucked into the garland.  I'm wishing I had those antlers!  Hey, my husband is a hunter...why, don't I have some?

I like the idea of having some conversation starters at each place setting.

Need an idea for some easy and inexpensive place mats that are still cute?  Look no further!

I love the handwritten scripture on these cards.  There was one at each place setting and every one was different.

I'm not sure who decorated this table, but I want that iron pumpkin! And the berry garland.  And the glitter balls.  And the...

This table was decorated by Robyn C.  The pictures aren't as good as I would like.  They turned the lights down before I could get any pictures and I had to use my flash.

What a beautiful way to use a pumpkin!  It is setting on a twig wreath and those are real leaves.  All atop a  lovely mercury glass cake stand.  Remember ladies, cake stands are wonderful ways to elevate things other than cake!

This chocolate brown looks so nice.  Oh, great!  Now I'm thinking about chocolate!

This is the head table, decorated by Judy S.  She did such a wonderful job (as always)!  I mimicked an Easter table that she had done and loved it so much I left it all spring on my coffee table!

This is a mock dining table by Millie Fernald of Cobblestone Gifts & Interiors.

I like how she layered the tablecloths and wasn't afraid to use big, bold pumpkins and basket.  Even on this small table it looks fabulous!

Well, that's all of the Thanksgiving tables.  Hopefully you found something you could use on your own dining table this year!

One of the tips Millie Fernald gave to everyone was to use what you have.  Take a fresh look at the things you already have around the house.  Is there another way to use that lovely silver platter?  What about pulling out you grandmother's heirloom gravy boat and filling it with pine cones or unshelled nuts?  And compotes look good filled with anything!

And don't be afraid to bring the outdoors in.  We saw that in some of these tablescapes.  Do you have some potted herbs?  How about filling a beautiful vase with long twigs?  Around here we have a lot of Hedge Apple  trees and they produce these beautiful green hedge apples that are about the size of a softball or a grapefruit.  They really pop against all the browns, golds and reds of Fall!  And best of all you can find them for free up and down the country roads!

And my last tip from Millie is use lots of candles!  With the battery operated ones you can find everywhere now you can "burn" them without worry.  And best of all they look like real candles!  This is a great solution for someone who has pets or small children especially.

Be sure to come back and see the Christmas tables!

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