Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home for the Holidays, Part 3 - The Christmas Edition!

I know Thanksgiving isn't even here yet but I am so revved up for Christmas!  I'm abusing using my obligation as a blogger to put my Christmas decorations up early!  You need some ideas, right?

Well here are some ideas for tablescapes!

This knockout table was done by the lovely Kendra G.  Now this is hot pink!  Who says Christmas has to be red and green?  I love it!

This is Kendra G's other table.  Kendra is crazy for the Peanuts Gang!  I love the "cartoonish" snow and she even used Linus' blanket at the bottom of the tree!  Too cute!

Here is another pink table!  I love the way it mimics a snowy mountain top.

Aren't these beautiful pieces?  Very retro!

Remember Mitzi A who did the kids Thanksgiving table?  Well, this is her Christmas table.  FUN-ky!  Again, more pink!

Mitzi has a half bath she re-did this summer in turquoise.  She told me after the party, she will take apart this centerpiece to make a wreath to go in her bathroom.  How clever!

These napkins can be used any time of the year!  

This table has a more traditional color scheme.

Here some complimentary ornaments are stacked in a large hurricane.  I think a hurricane (or even a cloche) is one of those things every house needs.  You can get so much mileage from them year round.

Aren't these the most perfect roses you've ever seen?  Roses in a silver julep cup really ratchets up the sophistication of this table.

Aren't you in love with this mercury glass candle holder!  Mercury glass is a hot trend this year.  It's all over the Pottery Barn website.

A very formal but welcoming feel.

What is Christmas without a little gingerbread?  I love how this whole table is all about baking.  See the mixing bowl in the middle?  And those cute gingerbread men greeting you outside their sweet little houses!  I think I'll go preheat the oven!

Okay, I'm back.  Hot cider, anyone?

What a clever idea for a napkin ring...a cookie cutter!  Yeah, I'm definitely hungry now.

This is a beautiful place setting!  It's called Cuthbertson Original Christmas Tree.  I especially like the sweet little holly berry napkins.

Notice the porcelain dear in this picture.  I think he's a nice compliment to the Christmas Tree place settings.  Santa's gotta have his reindeer!

I love this table!  The sweet church in the middle with the beautiful trees around it...it feels so nostalgic.  Or maybe that just me, because the china pattern she used here is my mother's china pattern!  It's Noritake Ranier and it goes with everything!

Now check out these trees.  I think these could be made by using cone-shaped Styrofoam forms and gluing on cabochons.  A variety of sizes of these on a mantel would look nice.

This table exemplifies why we celebrate Christmas...Mary holding her precious baby, Jesus.  The tulle wrapped around the centerpiece gives it an ethereal feel.

Look at all the different Christmas trees on this table!  And I love the mini silver vases in the different shapes topped off with these gorgeous red roses!

And finally, here is my table.  Red and white.  The two most popular things on the table were the candle rings (I made them and here's my tutorial!) and the ornament cookie jar.  Well, I can help with the candle rings but the cookie jar came from Sam's Club two years ago.  They do have some other cute ones out right now, though.

These place setting are just my everyday dishes with a reversible napkin (I made these also and I'll show you how in an upcoming tutorial!) and one of my Christmas ornaments.

 Again, all these beautiful tables are from the talented ladies of Covenant Community Church in Yukon, OK.  Way to go, gals!

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