Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Need a New Craft Studio!

One of the blogs I follow (The Ivy Cottage Blog) recently revealed her craft studio remodel.

I love it!  So I decided it was high time to redo my space our space (my husband does wood working in here, too).

Now, to call my space a "studio" is a stretch, to say the least.

Nauseating, isn't it?  I'm twitching just looking at it!

My hubby loves turning wood on the lathe (check out his Etsy shop here) and this used to be his work area. When all you're making is pens, bottle stoppers and duck calls, this was plenty of space.

But I do furniture. It takes a lot of room!  So currently, every time I work on something, I have to back out our vehicles (this is a three car garage) drag my projects to the middle of the garage, dig around to find the stuff I need and then put/stack everything back at the end of the day so we can fit both cars back into the garage.  Exhausting, isn't it?  And not conducive to creativity.

Plus, our garage faces the north and in the winter it gets COLD in there!  We decided the first step of the remodel should be insulating the garage doors.  See the post on how to do that here.

Here are some ideas I would like to incorporate into my remodel.

Our garage has no windows so the lighting is horrible!  I would like to replace the current solid door leading out to the back yard with something like this door.  A little natural light would be nice!

Love these floors!

I'm wanting to do black cabinets on the bottom and white cabinets on the top with a "latte" color wall. similar to this.

I love this work island!  I would need to put mine on locking castors so I could move it around easily.

Alas, all that has been done is the not-so-cosmetic/not-so-fun part of this remodel and it's the insulating of the garage doors.  (s-i-g-h)

(I told you the lighting was terrible!)


  1. I have a craft room in the house and a workshop in the garage...both of which are completely twitch-inducing! Thanks for the to rethink my previous plans...