Monday, December 12, 2011

It's One of Those Weeks

Do you ever have times where it seems everything starts to fall apart all at once?

This is one of those weeks.

1)  Vacuum cleaner exploded after vacuuming only one room.  On the hunt for the perfect vacuum now.

2)  Spent two days trying to figure out how to wire two GFCI switches.  Not how I wanted to spend two days and $30+.  In the meantime, no bathroom lights...they were connected to the GFCI switch.  The upside is I could wire one in my sleep now!

3)  Replace the "guts" to the door knob on the door going out into the garage.  By the way, Weiser (my door knob manufacturer) has been bought out and is no longer in business.  You can probably figure out how I found this out.

4)  An old mirror turned chalkboard (from my Etsy shop) shipped via UPS to Connecticut and arrived in a million pieces!  Still dealing with this one.  I have a strong opinion of UPS right now!

5)  And I got up this morning and a light was out in the kitchen.  Normally not a big deal but after the week we've had around here...!  Much easier to fix than the GFCI switch.

Yet even after these hiccups, I'm still feeling blessed.

Have a wonderful day!

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