Monday, December 5, 2011

Must Haves At My House

Recently, I have been pondering what are my favorite things that I just couldn't be without?  So here is what I have come up with.

First off, I love Clorox wipes.  I keep a container of these in each bathroom for a quick wipe down a couple times a week.  And for sure a container under the kitchen sink!

Next up would be a tube of my favorite adhesive...E6000.  There is nothing that this stuff won't work on!  A must have for any self respecting crafter.

I love this spray paint!  It has an easy to use nozzle and goes on evenly with a nice spray pattern.  The coverage is good, too.  And it's priced cheaper than the other name brand spray paints.  The only down side is the limited color selection.  I love the gloss black.

I know this probably isn't very green but I love bleach!  I use it in my sinks, the shower, the laundry and I mop the floors with it.  Plus, the smell of bleach makes me feel like the house is clean.

A great cleaning product that cleans more than just your wood is the Swiffer Dust & Shine.  I use this to clean my furniture, leather sofa, stainless steel fridge and granite countertops.  Love it!

So, that's a few of the things that my house is never without!

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