Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Thrift-ful Week

Does anyone else out there crave a good thrift store shopping trip the way I do?  It's like an addiction for me.  I used to go multiple times a week but hubby said "no more."  Now I only go every couple of weeks or so.  I do pretty good for a few weeks then it turns into a compulsion!  And when I go and don't find anything good, I have to keep going to more stores until I do find something.  Then if it's a good find, I feel like I'm on a roll and need to find more stuff which leads to me searching out more stores!  Now if that doesn't sound like an addiction...

Well, this week in pursuit of getting my "fix" I found some new thrift stores.  I'm too embarrassed to say how many miles I traveled just to hit some new stores.  Probably far enough to spend in gas what I saved by shopping thrift stores!

Anyway, I found what I think is some good stuff so I thought I would share.

Here's what I found at my local Goodwill.
I'm thinking I'll frame it and layer it on my mantel for Christmas.  It was a whopping $.50.  I wish this was what my house and barn looked like.  Oh, well.  I also picked up a couple pair of flannel pajama pants for a a buck a piece.  I love a pair of comfy pjs!

After grocery shopping in OKC Friday, I had just enough time to swing by another Goodwill.  I picked up this piece for $4.99.   (Sorry, this isn't the greatest picture)
It's in pretty good shape but I plan on taking it apart and using the hooks and the numbers on some different projects.  The number plaques and the ends of the hooks are white porcelain.

Friday afternoon I headed over to the Habitat for Humanity Renovation Station for some old hardback books.
They have the cheapest prices on books I have found so far.  Each book was only $.50.  I'm going to take the covers off, tie them up with twine and use them for decor.  

At one of the new stores I found I picked up these pieces.
 I paid $7.48 for this little urn.  It's cast iron!  I couldn't believe how heavy it was when I picked it up!

And this tray from an old tool box was $3.49.
I have a lot of red in my house and thought this would be cute with some candles or plants or knicky-knacky type stuff on the mantle or coffee table.  I love old, rusty, beat up stuff!

Then at the Goodwill "mother ship" I found this wooden candle stick.  It was $1.99.  It was strange walking into this huge store and only coming out with this one, small item.  But I've been on the hunt for something like this specifically.
I plan on using it to make another cloche on a pedestal.

After leaving the GW I was headed home when I drove past another thrift store.  There was a bunch of stuff out front and I just couldn't help but turn around and go back.  Once I stepped inside it was almost like an episode of Hoarders!  It wasn't a dirty place but it was packed with stuff!   I kid you not, they could have had a store twice the size and still been stocked full.  It took a while to get through the store because of all the stuff but they had great prices and I found these things.
I was very excited to find this silver ice bucket.  A few months ago I spied one like it at another thrift store for $25.  I didn't buy it thinking I didn't want to spend that much but ever since I've been wishing I would have gone ahead and gotten it.  This one I snagged for $9.99!  Yea for waiting!  It should polish up nicely.
And this rusty old milk crate was only $5.  I'm thinking of using it in the living room.

Well, that's what my thrifting this week looked like.  I felt like a junkie sneaking around town hitting every thrift store I passed.  Fortunately, my habit isn't very expensive!


  1. You did good! I love thrift stores.

  2. You found some really great things. I have a silver ice bucket, too that I found last year for $13. They are usually around $75 around here.