Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Favorite Silver Polish

Christmas is approaching so we have been busy around our house getting ready for the big day.  My Hubby is in charge of the outside and I head up what goes on inside.  This not only includes decorating but also cleaning to get ready for family and friends.

One thing that needed done was some silver polishing.  Here is a before pic.

As you can see, it was long overdue for a polish.

Here is what I love to use.

It so easy to use and there is no smell.  Just dampen the sponge that is included, add some silver cream and start rubbing (no elbow grease required)!  Then rinse with water and dry.  That's it!

Here are the results.

In addition to cleaning and polishing your silver, it also works on stainless steel, flatware, chrome, porcelain, fiberglass and pewter.  The web site says it's great for shining motorcycle and automobile chrome and it even claims to remove surface scratches from CDs and DVDs!

Here in Oklahoma you can find it at Ace Hardware, True Value and Wal-Mart.

It's a must have for getting ready for company!

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